Caught by the River

Some Very Kind Words…

29th July 2011

Just a few of the emails we’ve received about last weekend’s Port Eliot Festival.

Hello guys

Just read your post on Port by the River and having been there, can wholeheartedly agree with every word. As there is nowhere for comments? I felt compelled to tell you how much we love that area and think you have summed it up beautifully. There was genuine camaradarie everywhere but particularly in the Words on Water. I thought I would sit through it to keep my husband company but it was very entertaining. I have added a link to your site in my blog, as there is no way of condensing into a few words what you guys are all about. Well done all and see you next year.


Don and Sue Read

Hello Jeff

Again Port Eliot was amazing. Your bit in particular and I spent most of the weekend lying, sitting, standing and dancing in or near the CBTR camp. Too many highlights to mention. Thanks.
Returned to a week of long days, today up to my ankles in amniotic fluid and blood, when only yesterday up to my neck in lovely estuary silt and brackish water. But buoyed up to keep my chin above the parapet thanks to a weekend of good tunes, thoughtful talks and plenty of lying by the river in the sun

Thanks again

Chloe (Evans)


dear robin, jeff, andrew and danny-boy

a perfect summing up of the weekend. back in london but left a big piece of me by the river so it’ll take a while to catch up. left a lot of words in lay-by’s so a bit incoherent. glad you said you felt weepy – i’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed ever since. and none more so than when i read your kind words at the end of today’s entry. deeply touched and immensely proud to be part of the caught by the river gang.

thanks for putting such an amazing few days on. a true celebration of the year’s work.

i think it was one of the best times of my life.

looking forward to more adventures together.

ales soon




Thanks for this weekend. Yet again, a wonderful time was had by all. The music in the stripy tent was outstanding. Particularly standing out for me were Gravenhurst, Secret Sisters and Caitlin Rose, with an honourable mention for the stream of consciousness from Sea of Bees. I’ve not mentioned loads, but I came to the conclusion that I could pretty much guarantee that whatever was in the tent would be worth watching, and the Wandle Beer was a very nice touch…

See you next year.

James McNaught


Hi Jeff

It was really good to meet you, although briefly, at Port Eliot. Caught by the River was the place to be as usual…and the highpoint….Sea of Bees…beautiful, a rare delight.



Hello Andrew, Jeff and Robin,

Just to say:

a) thanks simply for CTBR at PE, surely one of the top ten infotainment portals of all time? Or simply the best?

b) really many thanks for the chance to draw up our own jamwagon. I can’t stress how good it was for me to sell wares there. For one thing, it gave a deadline to get the book finished for when otherwise it might have dragged on to 2020.

Thanks for the memories, thank you very much indeed.

Roy (Wilkinson)


Hi Robin,

Just a quick note to offer a mighty thanks for your part in another brilliant weekend at Port Eliot.

Loads of great moments. Personal highlight has to be the look on my 10 year old daughter’s face as she spun out of the tent following Sea Of Bees’ set. I’d not seen that look on her before but I recognised it. She’d found a band that was going to make her happy for a long time. A voice that did things to her that she couldn’t explain. A band that dad didn’t tell her about. She’s smitten.

Here’s to 2012.



To add to that, Luke Turner – long time Friend of the River and editor of the exemplary music site The Quietus – has written extensively about the festival here. As he says, “There are no over-25s in facepaint here.”

Amen to that.