Caught by the River

Postcard From Dartmoor

6th February 2012

Staple Tor from Great Mis

Just thought I’d let you know I managed to get a day on Dartmoor in the snow. Me and Wack went up to Princetown yesterday and found some snow up at Great Mis tor, though it petered out the further west you went. Bitterly cold up there but bright and quite beautiful. I’ve attached a couple of photos but they were only taken on my phone so there’s no depth of field. The air was clear and you could see some distance but the light had a hue at the edges that happens when the wind comes from the east. All the pollutants from the Eastern European factories I’m afraid. You could see all the Heathrow planes on their way down to Cornwall before turning right over the Atlantic for America. When I was young down in Newquay we used to hear the sonic booms as Concorde powered up once, no longer over land. (I didn’t actually see the plane for another 20 years and then only at a flypast). You can see the trail of a plane going out over Staple tor on one photo and one coming back on another.
see you soon, Alex