Caught by the River

An Antidote To Indifference: Issue 3 Update

11th March 2012

You may have noticed that the issue 3 of our bi-monthly fanzine, An Antidote To Indifference, has yet to make it’s appearance and is now somewhat late. Guest editor Mathew Clayton has put together a cracking issue but due to his commitments to the Port Eliot Festival (of which he’s a director) copy got delivered later than the publication date.
With the following issue set to go on sale on 21 April (Record Store Day, it’s a ‘music special’) we have made the decision to sit on Mathew’s until June. Most of the content isn’t time sensitive but the bits that are we’ll post today (after the jump) and tomorrow.

Antidotes for issue 3.


1. Lightships – ‘Two Lines’ (Geographic)
2. Damian Jurado – Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian)
3. ‘A Love From Outer Space’ various artists, selected by Andrew Weatherall (Ministry)
4. Charles Boyer, various gigs in London
5. Jeb’s Jukebox – musical selections, monthly on Caught by the River.


1. Breaking Bad (Seasons 1-3)
2. The 2 Bears ‘Be Strong’ (Southern Fried)
3. Saint Etienne ‘Tonight’ (Heavenly)
4. Curious Isles: A Life On Orkney by Amy Liptrot. (new to Caught by the River)
5. Journey Through Britain by John Hillaby (Paladin)

Emma Warren:

1. Stubborn Heart ‘Need Someone” 12″ (white label)
2. Walter Murch ‘In The Blink Of An Eye’ (Silman James Press)
3. Portico Quartet ‘Portico Quartet’ LP (Real World Records)
4. Thom Gunn ‘The Man With Night Sweats’ (Faber)
5. Hardcore and jungle radio show Run Come Follow Friday, Rinse FM

Cheryl Tipp:

1. “Learn to enjoy listening for its own sake” – sound artist Jez Riley French
2. In The Dark radio
3. ‘Practical Electronica’ from filmmaker Ian Helliwell and record label Public Information. Bringing the work of early electronic musician F.C. Judd into the spotlight.
4. My friends
5. ‘South’ by Ernest Shackleton

Chloe Evans:

1. Diamond Mine – King Creosote and Jon Hopkins
2. Black Cat Bone – John Burnside’s deserved winner of the poetry double (TS Eliot and Forward prizes)
3. Lustre pots of great beauty by Alan Caiger Smith in Reading Museum – who knew they were there? I went for the Robert Gillmor retrospective, but went back the second time for these
4. New season rhubarb – pink
5. Rousham – my favourite garden, where I found I magically had all of it to myself at sunset one winter late afternoon

Will Burns:

1. WG Sebald’s poems – Across the Land and the Water.
2. Cold Splinters
3. Saeed Ajmal’s bowling, his infectious smile and his post game interviews; an actual sports personality.
4. Mark Lanegan’s Blues Funeral – Mark Lanegan makes me doubt my atheism.
5. Darcus Howe at the Black Power Mixtape screening in Rough Trade; anger articulated with truth and intellect.

Ben McCormick:

1. The Search for the Perfect Pub by Paul Moody and Robin Turner (Orion)
2. Roumeli by Patrick Leigh Fermor (John Murray, paperback)
3. Teach Us To Sit Still by Tim Parks (Vintage)
4. I’m On My Way – Dean Parrish
5. The Classical – The Fall