Caught by the River

Caught by the River at Port Eliot 2012

12th July 2012

Caught by the River mascot Fitch is seen here packing the car for Port Eliot. Safe to say that we won’t be far behind him, what with the festival being just a week away from opening it’s doors. This is our fourth year at the festival and – with 2013 being a year off – we’re determined to make it the best yet. We’ve previously detailed who is playing on our stage here and a full breakdown of times can be found at the bottom of the page. Tickets are still available from the festival website and we’re pretty sure it’s drinking weather, whatever the conditions.

As this will be one of the last times we get a chance to highlight things at Port Eliot, we thought we’d mention a few of the later additions. The most recent addition to our bill – Beth Orton – is playing on Saturday night. Beth has just announced details of her next LP, Sugaring Season, which is due out on October 1st. Expect a set comprising both old and soon-to-be favourites.

A bit of extra detail on Friday’s beer-related events – first off, there will be a four way discussion on beer and pubs featuring Caught by the River writers Robin Turner and Ben McCormick, Pete Brown (‘the Bill Bryson of the beer world’) and St Austell Brewery’s head brewer, Roger Ryman. That talk will followed by Pete Brown talking about his phenomenal forthcoming book Shakespeare’s Local . Don’t miss either – great excuses to start drinking early.

On a completely different tip, artists Ben Newman and Bjorn Lie will be undertaking a day of ‘contemporary face painting’ on Saturday (check Ben’s website here for a quick insight into how your seven year old is going to be looking come 6pm).

Finally, we’re very excited about the welcome return of the oldest and dearest friend of Caught by the River – John Andrews aka Andrews of Arcadia – who will be for the first time bringing with him a sterling cast of characters to talk or perform in his tent. Some of the numerous highlights will be: Mr Natty who provides post War regulation angling club haircuts on Thursday afternoon before he leaves for the Americas (pitch up at the tent early to ensure the full Tamar tonsorial treatment); a fantastic collection of writers that includes the Gentle Author who will be reading from the much loved book Spitalfields Life and a newly compiled slideshow of over 2000 images that will culminate each night in a silent angling movie from 1950s Yorkshire. The film stars Dave the Maggot Dealer and it described as ‘heartbreakingly beautiful’. Arcadian Artist-in-residence will be the mighty Pete Fowler (the man responsible for the illustration at the top of this page) who will be watching, painting, drawing and providing art surprises during the weekend. It goes without saying that in the world of Arcadia, tea is drunk trawlerman style. A full breakdown of events in Arcadia can be found by clicking here.

Hopefully this has put your mind at rest if you were wavering and we’ll be seeing you at the bar sometime on Thursday afternoon just in time to head off for a serious haircut.


The full line up for the Caught by the River stage at Port Eliot 2012 looks like this:


15.00 Spoonful Soundsystem
19.00 The Memory Band present Folk on Film
19.45 Jo & Danny present Fringe on Top featuring:
20.15 The June Brides
21.30 The See See
22.15 – close DJs Jo & Danny with The Heavenly Jukebox


11.00 Spoonful Soundsystem
12.00 The Memory Band
13.00 Pint by the River featuring: Pete Brown, Robin Turner, Ben McCormick, Roger Ryman (head brewer from St Austell brewery)
14.30 Pete Brown
15.45 Roy Wilkinson and guests
16.30 Spoonful Soundsystem
17.45 DJ Geoff Travis
18.15 Sam Amidon
19.15 H Hawkline
20.30 Stealing Sheep
21.45 Cate Le Bon
23.00 The Bees
00.15 Schizodelic Sound (in the bar)


10.00 Archive Radio Hour
11.00 Spoonful Soundsystem
12.00 Crybaby
12.45 Spoonful Soundsystem
13.15 Tim Burgess reading from Telling Stories and conversation with Roy Wilkinson
14.30 Richard King reading from How Soon Is Now and in conversation with Emma Warren
15.30 Laura Beatty
16.10 Robert Macfarlane & Chris Watson (this performance last approx 30 mins)
18.30 Grasscut
19.45 Beth Orton
21.30 Andrew Weatherall DJ set
23.45 Toy
00.30 Heavenly Jukebox DJs (in the bar)


10.00 Archive Radio Hour
11.00 Jonny Trunk
12.45 Chris Watson’s Nature Disco
14.15 Cheryl Tipp’s ‘Name That Tune’ (wildlife sound quiz with help from Roy Wilkinson)
15.20 Chris Yates in conversation with the Idler’s Dan Kieran
16.30 Robert Ellis
17.45 Jeb Loy Nichols
19.00 Diagrams
20.00 until the last man drops… the Heavenly Jukebox and friends.