Caught by the River

Caught by the River at Port Eliot Festival 2012

26th July 2012

4pm Thursday, Mathew Clayton captures the moment when Jeff met Fitch.

We’ve been home a few days now. We still ache, we are still knackered and we are still high. It was a lot of fun. The best one yet.

As always, there are folk to thank but, today, I’m gonna keep it brief. I’m writing this at 10.30pm on Wednesday, and having just put a stack of Wendy’s photos up in the gallery and barely even looked at those just in from Tomo and Stephen ‘Spoonful’ Parker, I need a breather. So, for now, head over to the gallery, look at Wendy’s pictures and then pay a visit to the Andrews of Arcadia site, where on Tuesday, John somehow managed to find the energy to post a few words and pictures in his scrapbook.

If you were there, thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Andrew Weatherall drinking tea, trawlerman style, at the tent of Arcadia. Pic by Parker.

Wendy’s photos.