Caught by the River

One Last Port Eliot Post*

3rd August 2012

The pictures keep on coming. This bunch were taken and kindly passed on by John Gray. They get us a bit closer to completing the set of all those that performed. Thanks to John and thanks to everyone photographed here… and as a final thank you, we’ve tried to remember everyone who played, talked or read at the Caught by the River stage – huge thanks to Emma Warren, Richard King, Pete Brown, Roger Ryman from St Austell Brewery, Chris Yates, Dan Kieran, Jeb Loy Nichols, Ben McCormick, Stephen Cracknell and The Memory Band, The June Brides, Dan Maier, Stephen ‘Spoonful’ Parker, Robert Macfarlane, Robert Ellis, H Hawkline, Stealing Sheep, Molly Presti, Jessica Clarke and last but not least… Ruth and all bar staff – you helped get us all to where we needed to go. If we don’t see you before then 2014 it is.

Stacey Haldane of Crybaby, a big hit at lunchtime on Saturday.

Grasscut, Saturday evening.

The Bees, Friday night.

Two of our favourite people. Carl – who in his capacity as stage manager kept it all together – and his beautiful daughter Ruby May.

*possibly not true.