Caught by the River


5th November 2012

Farm at Broome Downs, Kent

Douglas McCarthy has been walking and photographing the Thames Estuary for several years:

“I’ve spent most of my life around the Thames, growing up in Southend and now working in Greenwich. To me, the estuary has a fascinating variety of landscapes and land use with its power stations, nature reserves, military forts, wetland and container ports.

These photographs were taken on a recent walk in the Medway, starting at Newington and heading west towards Chatham. A wonderful autumn light brought out the colours and textures of the landscape. I am influenced by artists like Jacob van Ruisdael and the dramatic cloud formations that day could have been taken from one of his paintings. Out in the estuary, under massive skies and with hardly another human in sight, one often experiences a sense of timelessness and humility in the face of nature.”

New Otterham Creek, River Medway
Bartlett Creek, River Medway
Kingsnorth Power Station from Cinque North Marshes, River Medway
Wharf at Owens Way, Gillingham Marshes

Douglas McCarthy:photographs.