Caught by the River

Shadows and Reflections – Douglas MacIntyre

6th January 2013

Craig Dam, between Strathaven and Sandford.

2012 – spent a day in june sitting in the south lanarkshire sunshine ruminating on the beauty of the river avon. sat by the craig dam at the avon near strathaven and sandford watching trout rise and kingfishers flash by.

2012 – a memorable and enjoyable year to be alive.

2012 – turned 50 in april and went walking and cycling in marjorca. stayed on the north west of the island in the bucolic mountain village of fornalutx

2012 – ran a marathon (edinburgh) for the first time in may, and wrote random notes covering the 4 month training regime and aftermath period, april – july. documentus – runrunrun via racketracket & caught by the river

2012 – spent july in port soller – marjorca is truly inspiring and beautiful

2012 – played some random rock n’ roll shows with the sexual objects, including our 3rd marc riley session for bbc 6music

2012 – had a wonderful bowie-fuelled night at sandfest in sandford village hall with my rock n’ roll friends, raised approx £6,000 over the year for down syndrome charities – thanks to everyone

2012 – had a foggy notion that vic godard should be celebrated, and developed a series of events called vicism. vic sang with the sexual objects doing a set of early period subway sect songs. we had afternoon tea and scones with vic, davy henderson, james kirk et al covering velvet underground songs at the mao disney club operated by we can still picnic. godard on godard happened at the gft / monorail film club, with vic in conversation with stephen pastel – ‘this is not an image’

2012 – fishing – as happens every year i bought my fishing permit for the river avon in south lanarkshire. and as happens every year, i seemed to spend hardly any time on the water. taught my children the ancient art of guddling for trout. caught some nice brown trout on the fly on the top stretch of the avon above the craig dam (pictured). loved the craig dam photograph so much i bought a framed copy for my family. the photographer is neale smith, a strathaven lad probably best known for photographing mogwai / arab strap et al. took the children fishing for perch with their grandfather (dugald, an esteemed old-skool scottish fisherman).

2012 – the creeping bent organisation turned 18 on 12/12/12, ‘who knows where the time goes’

all the very best to all caught by the river readers