Caught by the River

Support Your Local River

3rd August 2013


As reported on the site a few days ago, a lot of fun was had on the banks of the River Lea last weekend at the Open East festival. Unbeknown to us at the time, a dreadful fish kill – caused by pollution – had happened on the river during the previous week.

Thames 21 – the hardworking body that cares for London’s waterways – point out the causes for the tragedy in this press release which goes on to explain the changes that need to be made to stop it happening again.

Caught by the River reader, Andy Pattenden, said after reading the pr, “The image of eels crawling out of the water to escape is one that will stay with me. I think Thames 21’s campaign deserves all the support it can get”. We agree. Click through now and help Thames 21 get the Lea and it’s wildlife back to good health.

As we know ALL of our rivers are under constant threat, be that from pollution, dredging or abstraction, and we must do our best to support the local and national conservation groups that strive to keep things in order. Sold Down the River, a radio documentary broadcast on BBC R4 last week, highlighted the damage being done to our chalk streams due to over abstraction for domestic purposes. It’s up on the iPlayer, click here to listen.

Food for thought:
Martin Salter for the Angling Trust.
Charles Rangeley-Wilson – The Palimpsest of Rivers