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Andy Childs | 30th January 2014

An email from Andy Childs is always enlightening and this morning he kindly sent notice of an hour’s worth of radio 4 not to be missed next Tuesday (4th Feb):

11am to 11.30amNature : Islands of Ice and Fire – Chris Watson travels to Iceland.
Now on the iPlayer.
11.30am to 12noonThe Black Liberace – Joe Boyd profiles James Booker. (now this should be great, Joe Boyd having produced a classic record with James Booker in 1976 for his Hannibal label an’ all)
Now on the iPlayer.

I’m naturally looking forward to both of these programmes (my love of Booker, never mind CW, has been well documented on this site) and we’ll make sure to add the iPlayer links to this post once they go live, but guess what I chanced upon whilst looking for links on the BBC website? This trove of treasure: A LIfe in Sound: A selection of progammes and soundscapes featuring sound recordist Chris Watson. The master at work. (JB)

Frozen gill-5