Caught by the River

Trees in the City

23rd April 2014


A night out

Words and pictures by Georgina Cook

There’s something about post sunset that brings the scent of the blossoms out of their shells. It’s like they’ve spritzed themselves in their own personalised eau du parfum for a night out with the nocturnal insects.



Sandwiched between low rise blocks near West Dulwich station, a romantic willow tree, without a lake to stir, but probably without a shortage of admirers. I remember running through the branches of a similar tree, on the estate that my Nan lived on when I was young.

Trees in the City , GEORGINA COOK


Just a crack of Ivy that’s managed to find it’s way through a border. Gotta respect it’s strength and determination.

Trees in the City , GEORGINA COOK

 Spring dulls

Dulwich, April 2014, grey skies, bright blossom. From this window, it’s possible to count the time between various planes on the flight paths over suburbia. More subtle, are the changes, over the past 6 months to the flora. Blink and a patch of dull ignites into white flames.

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