Caught by the River

Caught by the River at Port Eliot 2014

30th July 2014


Last weekend, we pitched up beside the Tiddy estuary for our fifth Port Eliot festival. We’re still trying to process everything that happened; the only clear conclusion is that it was way above and beyond expectation and easily the best festival experience we’ve had as Caught by the River (yet). Andrews of Arcadia sent some kind words yesterday that seemed to sum the whole thing up for us so we’ll leave it to him: “On the way home someone asked me what it was Caught by the River do and the answer just rolled off the tongue ‘they perform acts of magic where others slave to impress’. It’s a special thing.” A huge thanks to everyone who came, listened, danced and drank the bar dry. Truly, special.

Pictures from the frontline are, as ever, by peerless smudger Neil Thomson who has posted a full Tumblr documenting the weekend here. Above – Don Letts hands over to Andrew Weatherall on Saturday night.


Ruby May opens the bar.


Setting the stage.


Emma Warren in conversation with Viv Albertine.


The Empress of Arcadia’s award winning tea-cosy, perfect for trawlerman style activity.


Boat and sky.


John Evans, Gruff Rhys and JA in conversation.


The Antidote Hour with Malcolm Anderson, JA, Neil Sentance and Melissa Harrison.


Chris Watson prior to his Sunday night slot