Caught by the River

Awesome Tapes From Africa at Port Eliot!

10th June 2015

After thoroughly enjoying his set for us at Festival No.6, we’re absolutely honoured to have Awesome Tapes From Africa, aka Brian Shimkovitz, as our guest at Port Eliot this year. Since launching his blog in 2006 and subsequent record label, he has shown a commitment, passion and serious knack for unearthing some of the rarest, weirdest, and most beautiful gems – all spurred on by his love of tape culture and African music.

As well as bringing the likes of Kenyan disco, Ethiojazz and South African synth-pop to a tent in Cornwall for his 10.30pm DJ set on the Saturday night, Brian will be chatting to the wonderful Emma Warren earlier that day at 4.15pm. We’re looking forward to hearing some cracking stories.

Penning an essay for The Wire, Brian says, “The crucial thing for me has always been finding a way to promote the music among people who would not normally have access to it. ATFA has thus far been efficient in achieving this goal. Regardless of whether it’s heard outside Africa, wonderful recordings are being made every day across the continent. Digitised music is already breaking down geographical barriers that once made regional music forms so damn… regional. Which, of course, is good and bad. In any event, Nigerians are rocking to Ghanaian music. Ghanaians are even more conscious of what’s happening in Côte D’Ivoire than ever before. And the connection between Congolese rappers and the latest sounds from Paris is tightening. One could go on and on.”

Have a look at his site and check out his Boiler Room DJ set here – “he’s playing off a tape deck, which I think is a first for the Boiler Room.” Indeed.

See you down the front!

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