Caught by the River

Postcard from Roy Wilkinson

Roy Wilkinson | 17th June 2015

20150531_133850Frondescence Revanchiste FISHING STRICTLY PRESERVED? Certainly seems this interloping signage is being bark-embalmed for all eternity. A beech tree has its say on mankind’s merely temporal take on riparian rights…

A couple of images from Making Contact, Roy Wilkinson’s forthcoming book of “cyclo-geographic” words and images, for which the CBTR correspondent says he has bicycled “from Babbacombe Model Village to Cape Wrath, via North Shields and the remains of the Tunnel of Love, never once forgetting to carry an actual electrically-charged mobile phone with ready-to-use built-in camera facility”. Making Contact will be published in 2016 by Rough Trade Books.

FUN FOR 2PAffordable Euphoria

On Sunderland’s Roker Beach earthly delight comes at a price…

Roy presents his Pop & Nature Quiz on the Caught by the River stages of several festivals this summer.