Caught by the River

A Port Eliot 2015 Gallery

6th August 2015

thumb_IMG_2993_1024A blue moon over east Cornwall. Sunday 2 August, 8:30pm, taken from the boathouse in the Caught by the River area of Port Eliot.

Once again we had a fantastic time at Port Eliot festival. This is where we say thank you to everyone that worked alongside us, performed on our stage and came along for the ride. You all rocked.

Highlights? Too many to choose from – everyone turned in a blinder and the whole thing was one long bunch of incredible surprises and massive emotional jolts – but special shouts out to all of the following people, without whom etc… our MCs John Andrews and Roy Wilkinson plus our resident DJ Stephen ‘Spoonful’ Parker. For services performed behind the scenes we have to thank Tomo, Caroline, Carey, Lily, Tony and Bruno. Rupert at the Drift Record shop looked after the post-performance book / record signings with aplomb. Also a big thank you to all the DJs: Andrew Weatherall, Pete Fowler, Pete Wiggs, Rob Leggatt, Jack Sellen, Jonny Trunk, Simon Walsh. Great records were played by one and all, we’re just sorry that for anyone in the bar tent, the decks were in the wrong place and you weren’t given much of a dancefloor (sadly, for the first time in ages, we weren’t in charge of the bar, something we hope was obvious by the amount of brewers branding and the sight of that mental Betty Stoggs bloke tramping around).

The photos below are all taken by Wendy Barrett unless otherwise stated. They run in the order of appearance but there are a few folk missing from the edit. Apologies if that includes you. A bigger selection will go up in a gallery in the next day or so. Hopefully Stephen Parker can fill any gaps when he sends his set through on his return from holiday.

thursdayROYRoy Wilkinson, MC and host of the Pop & Nature quizTrembliLavinia Blackwall, Trembling BellsVirginia & Florence Astley-1Florence and Virginia Astley. Photo by ParkerJohn, Emma & MatthewThe Antidote Hour with John Andrews, Emma Warren and Mathew Clayton. Photo:Parkermarching bandHarlequin Dynamite Marching BandfumacaFumaca PretaArchie Bronson 2Archie Bronson Outfit. Photo:Parkersaturdayemma and brianEmma Warren talking with Brian ‘Awesome Tapes From Africa’ ShimkovitzlucyLucy Stealing Sheep and Meilyr JonesSundayJohn & ChrisJohn Andrews & Chris Watson. Photo: Parker

Just after 8pm on Sunday, early on in Sarah Cracknell’s set, the power died. The river came over it’s banks due to a very high tide and a very blue moon and the water tripped the generator. The picture below, featuring Mike Brett of the Arcadia 78rpm Orchestra in full swing, show that whatever happens, however caught by the river you might be, the show will always go on.

Mike Brett of The Arcadia 78 RPM Orchestra 2015-1Photo:Parker