Caught by the River

Port Eliot 2016 – An Update

27th July 2016

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Alexandra Harris will no longer be able to make it to Port Eliot this year.

Tim Dee, reviewer of Alexandra’s wonderful book Weatherland – who was due to talk to her on the Caught by the River stage – will instead appear with friend and fellow BBC man Paul Dodgson.

Paul is a writer and performer whose latest project, On The Road Not Taken, is a show, radio play and book about a man in his 50s becoming the troubadour he was too scared to be at 18. Tim, also in his fifties, has in the autumn of his life become obsessed with the spring: this year more than ever before. Beginning not long after the shortest day in midwinter he has been journeying north from south of the Sahara in Chad to north of the Arctic Circle in Finnmark. Mostly he has been looking at the birds that share the European spring throughout the northern hemisphere. This too will eventually be a book; here he shares some of his first reports.

Together on stage for the first time, Tim and Paul will talk about getting on with life: Tim will read from his work in progress and Paul will talk and, nerves permitting, sing.

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