Caught by the River

The Royal Military Canal Waterfront Podcast

10th December 2016


The Royal Military Canal Waterfront Podcast (Canal and River Trust)
Produced by: David Bramwell

Waterfront podcast celebrates the work of the Canal & River Trust, explores the stories behind some of our iconic stretches of water and meets fascinating people who live, work and play beside our waterways.

In the latest episode, Waterfront host David Bramwell takes a stroll along the length of the Royal Military Canal with Dixe Wills, author of a small library of books exploring our more curious landscapes such as Tiny Islands, The Z to Z of Great Britain and At Night: A Journey Round Britain from Dusk Till Dawn.

This unique military canal runs for 28 miles along the Kent coastline. A one-of-a-kind, waterway version of Hadrian’s Wall or Offa’s Dyke, this defensive waterway was built specifically to protect Britain from a French invasion. As they tread the towpath, David and Dixe uncover the embankments, pill boxes and canal kinks that tell the colourful history of this singular feat of engineering.

To round off the episode, special guest John Shuttleworth shares another wonderful watery fact – this time, it’s the turn of the Barton Aqueduct.

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