Caught by the River

Radio Cymru: H Hawkline on Diwydiant Sŵn

11th January 2017

In this episode of Radio Cymru’s Diwydiant Sŵn, Heavenly Recordings artist – and friend of Caught by the River – H Hawkline (otherwise known as Huw Evans) takes an abstract abseil down the faces of some of Wales’ most prominent industries: wool, coal, slate and renewable energy.

Focusing on the sounds of these industries and their possible effects on the melodies, rhythms and vocabulary of music and songs from the surrounding areas, Huw weaves a half hour tapestry for the ears, combining interviews with those involved with the industries, the sounds of the machines and the workplace, voices from the past and contemporary and old music, along with the occasional original piece of instrumental music inspired by the sounds heard on this journey.

Listen back to the programme here. (Heads up: it’s in Welsh, but luckily, music transcends the bounds of language. So listening will not be rendered completely pointless if you don’t speak Welsh.)

There’s a new album coming soon from Huw, but in the meantime, you can listen to his back catalogue here on Spotify. And here’s his Twitter account.