Caught by the River

Brian David Stevens: Beachy Head

Brian David Stevens | 24th April 2017


School party, Beach Head 2017

A series of photographs taken over 12 months at Beachy Head

The headland is often foggy in the early parts of the year. It’s wise to take the more inland path from the Birling Gap as the edge can sometimes sneak up on you. The fog dampens the senses, reducing everything to a minimum, it delays the appearance of the lighthouse until the very last moment. It feels like you’re lost in static, dislocated, you walk on.
Suddenly there’s noise, the fence posts start to move, you realise they are figures, a school trip enjoying the experience as much as you are. You take four pictures and then they are gone, taken by the fog.

Brian David Stevens spent 12 months photographing Beachy Head, the whole series can be seen here.

Brian David Stevens on Caught by the River