Caught by the River

Brian David Stevens: Beachy Head

Brian David Stevens | 26th June 2017


Brian David Stevens introduces shots from a series of photographs he took, over a period of 12 months, at Beachy Head:

Sometimes a higher power gives you pictures. They always seem like a reward or a gift when they appear, fleeting visions that need to be gathered quickly in and made permanent. Of course it’s luck, but you can skew the odds in your favour just by being there, making a place your ‘patch’, putting the time in, pulling a double shift, making it familiar. You have to know a place, know it well enough to have a conversation with it, know it well enough so that it shares its secrets with you.

The light looked like this for just a matter of seconds – enough to take three frames, the middle one being the best. Sometimes it’s hard to take pictures because all you want to do is look.


The whole Beachy Head series can be seen here. A Beachy Head book will be published later in the year by Another Place Press.

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