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Sue Brooks’ Radio Recommendations

Sue Brooks | 30th October 2017

This morning, some radio recommendations from Sue Brooks landed in our inbox. She says:

‘On the radio this week…the incomparable Paul Evans on Tweet of the Day, and he couldn’t have made a better seasonal choice – Crow, Barn Owl, Merlin and Raven. I think Raven might be the one to raise every hair on the human body (Friday) although Crow was pretty good this morning.

And last week…Mon – Friday Radio 4 at 1:45pm Philip Pullman on Daemon Voices. 5 x 15 minute essays which are marvellous, especially the one on Tuesday October 24th on Paradise Lost and Friday 27th on William Blake. Thoughtful, personal, beautifully written and read by the man himself.’

And while you’re here, we reckon you’d be mad not to catch The Echo Chamber – Extinctions while it’s still around on iPlayer. Produced by Tim Dee, and originally broadcast in 2014, the programme was re-broadcast on Radio 4 Extra yesterday – and features Paul Farley listening to old and new poetry of extinction 100 years after the death of Martha, the last ever passenger pigeon. With poems from Fleur Adcock, Sean O’Brien, WS Merwin and David Harsent and the sounds of X-ray audio, the samizdat music of the Soviet Union that used black-market plates of skulls and ribcages to capture the beginnings of rock n’ roll. Cool.