Caught by the River

Caught by the River Mersey: an audio accompaniment

4th January 2018

We’re sure we needn’t remind you that our first event of the year – Caught by the River Mersey – is fast approaching. Focusing on Liverpool’s mighty river, this evening of talks, film and music takes place on Wednesday 17 January at The Social, London. Full info can be found here, and there are still some tickets (£7) available here.

Our good pal Austen, who’s co-piloting the event, has made us a lovely playlist in the run-up, which he describes as ‘the soundtrack to an imagined cycle ride along the River Mersey, from Dingle up through town to the North Docks and on to Crosby Beach until you reach another place. Themed around the water, the city, the dream.’

Listen here or below: