Caught by the River

More Trees More Hedges

8th April 2018

Our Folklore Tapes friend David Chatton Barker has asked for our help in spreading the word about the effort to raise funds for the creation of new woodland and hedgerows in Whitworth, Rossendale. Here’s a bit of information about the project:

“We are creating new woodland and hedgerows in Whitworth, Rossendale, for the benefit of people, wildlife and landscape in a project supported by the Woodland Trust. At the end of March, we will plant 1800 trees in a field at Slacks Farm, which backs onto the South Pennine moors and Brown Wardle. The woodland will be British native trees, such as alder, field maple, rowan, sweet chestnut, hazel, silver birch and oak. The hedgerows will primarily be created from hawthorn, with a tree planted every six metres to nurture and encourage wildlife.  Hedgerows with trees are particularly important for many species of birds, butterflies, moths, bats and dormice. The Woodland Trust is contributing 60% of the cost of the supply of the trees and materials, such as stakes and protective tree guards. All money raised through this campaign goes towards the remaining costs of creating the woodland and organising a planting weekend.”

The project has so far raised £435 of its £1000 target, with 17 days to go. You can support it here.