Caught by the River

The Solent Hounds – The Dogs of War

13th August 2018

A stunning, short, shark-based film courtesy of Fallon’s Angler‘s Nick Fallowfield-Cooper

After a chance encounter with a smooth-hound in Ireland, Fallon’s Angler takes on the Solent in the late spring to reconnect with the creature.

Watch the film below:

While on holiday in Ireland, Garrett Fallon has a chance encounter with a hard fighting smooth hound, a smaller member of the shark family. Impressed by their sleek form and powerful battling spirit, he seeks them out again, but this time closer to home, from Lepe beach in Hampshire, accompanied by some local anglers to guide him. The choice of venue is not his, but nevertheless its poignancy resonates strongly. steeped—as it is— in the history surrounding the D Day landings,

It reminds the angler of that unavoidable truth: that wherever we fish, somebody was there before us, and that sometimes it pays to appreciate that passage of time. But it also reminds us that we are only passing through. The sea will be here long after we’re all gone, the narrative of its tides continuing to expunge our presence from its shores.

Fallon’s Angler issue #13 is out now.