Caught by the River

Big Love for Little Toller

22nd July 2020

Having embarked on similar trajectories at a similar time, and given that we walk common ground to this day, we were gutted last night to read of the financial mess inflicted upon our friends and sometime collaborators Little Toller, following the collapse of book wholesaler Bertrams.  

In these times of ongoing precarity, it’s more important than ever to support good people doing good things, and thereby protect our much-loved independent arts organisations. We gently urge you to go and show some support by buying direct from the Little Toller shop if you are able (a bonus: shipping is currently FREE to all UK addresses). And if you’re not sure quite what to go for, our writers can definitely lend a helping hand – from a glowing recommendation of wunderkind Dara McAnulty’s Diary of a Young Naturalist to enthusiastic endorsements of books on scouse ghosts, curlews, reclusive nature enthusiasts and beyond. Peruse our archive of Little Toller coverage here.