Caught by the River

Now Shipping: Stone Club Archive Zine

19th May 2023

The third volume of our A Collection of Words from the Archive zine — a bumper edition, guest-edited by our friends at Stone Club — is now available to buy on our Bandcamp page.

Designed by Lily Weinbrand, A Collection of Words from the Archive Vol. 3 features contributions from Luke Turner, Stewart Lee, Robin Turner & Jeremy Deller, Tim Dee, Benjamin Myers, Elizabeth Wainwright, Nina Lyon, Tom Cox and Róisín Á Costello — on subjects as diverse as bouncy castles, green cathedrals, seaweed, and the surrealist painter, poet and author Ithell Colquhoun.

Copies cost £8 and can be bought here.

This zine and future iterations of it come free to Middler and Lunker-tier Caught by the River Steady subscribers.