Caught by the River

A Collection of Words from the Archive (Vol. 4)

4th August 2023

The latest edition of our archive-diving print zine, A Collection of Words from the Archive, has landed. This time around it’s guest-edited by Charlie Gladstone — purveyor of the Good Life.

In his introduction, Charlie writes:

‘I am a country person; I grew up in Wales and Scotland and my parents encouraged us to run wild (partly because life was easier for them that way and partly because they believed in the power of nature). And so naturally I am drawn to writing about rivers, walking, and birds. I have lived my life with music as my principal companion, and so I needed to include a bit about that.

I find myself at a weird liminal point in my life, my parents are recently dead, I have some young grandchildren, I am neither a young man nor an old one. I am looking backwards a fair bit and looking forwards too, very aware of my own mortality, not with fear exactly, but with some melancholy. What better way to celebrate this stage of life than with writing about fog, fathers, autumn and Talk Talk?’

Designed by Lily Weinbrand, this edition of A Collection of Words From the Archive includes pieces by Jennifer Lucy Allan, Bill Drummond, Anna Fleming, Arun Sood, Daniel Williams and Iain Stewart on subjects such as hares, bothies, and abandoned, island-bound mansions.

Charlie Gladstone started the Good Life Experience in 2012, which hosted a Caught by the River stage for many years. He also runs Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages and is the author of The Family Guide to the Great Outdoors (Square Peg/Random House) and Do Team (Do Book Co.).

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