Caught by the River


31st August 2023

Paperboats is a new north-of-the-border venture for writers interested in nature, place, climate and getting good things done.

The collective states:

We are Scotland based and global in outlook and write to affirm the astonishing life of this planet.

Paperboats came together as folk with a loose connection to Stirling University but we welcome writers from across Scotland and beyond. We aim to raise a diversity of voices on the climate crisis and we are particularly keen to hear from under-represented groups and those on the frontlines of the climate emergency.

Issue One of the Paperboats Zine, published this month, features contributions from Chris Powici, Kathleen Jamie, Polly Pullar, Leonie Charlton and Karen Lloyd, with submissions now open for the second issue.

Additionally, the Paperboats Campaign, launched on the 20th of August at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, is currently undertaking to make a flotilla of boats from old books and magazines to send to political leaders, urging them to take rapid and decisive action on climate change. See how you can get involved here.

You can follow Paperboats on Twitter / Instagram, or sign up to the mailing list via their website.