Caught by the River

Raveningham Sound Walk

29th October 2023

Curator Laura Cannell invites you to immerse yourself in sound and nature at the first ever Raveningham Sound Walk — which takes place on the site of the popular Raveningham Sculpture Trail over five weekends from 3rd November to 3rd December.

An internationally acclaimed East Anglian composer and performer, Laura asked musical friends from both the UK and the USA to respond to a series of photos of the semi-wild gardens which surround the Elizabethan Farmhouse at The Raveningham Centre.

As well as new work from Laura, the trail also features works from an incredible array of musical artists including Lori Goldston, Jem Finer, Catrin Vincent, Jon Mueller, The Neutrinos, Loula Yorke, The Feathered Thorns, Sonic Moth and Nina Bosnic.

The tracks will be spaced throughout the garden, by an ancient well, in the willow maze on the front lawn, by the cherry trees and in the open air.

“Sound travels differently outside” says Laura, “and the combination of recordings which will be embedded in the landscape are incredible. They include field recordings, instrumentals and voices: from Lori Goldston duetting on a cello with the sounds of Brooklyn, NY, through an open window, to piano songs inspired by trees; conversations recorded in Bosnia to the sound of a hurdy gurdy mimicking birdsong.”

“The idea behind the sound walk is to bring together our inner and outer worlds. Musicians are always listening and translating their feelings through their instruments, conjuring sounds of the outside world to play inside. These intimate recordings are set free and planted into the landscape for 5 weeks, and instead of a concert hall or venue where we are stationary as an audience, here we can listen to the inner musical worlds at our own speed while we walk and roam. We can get closer to the sounds or we can let the sound of the wind in the trees become part of the music.”

The Sound Walk tracks will be released as a CD and download, available from and in the gallery at The Raveningham Centre.

Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10-3pm between 3rd Nov – 3rd Dec 2023.

Tickets £6.00, with free entry for under 18s.

Book online here, or find more information here.