Caught by the River

Folk x Caught by the River

19th April 2024

We’re thrilled to unveil a collaboration we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes with the good folk of Folk clothing.

Having guest-edited the next edition of our A Collection of Words from the Archive zine, Folk have also produced a wonderful accompanying range of organic t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and bags, with illustrations by CBTR friend and frequent co-conspirator Adam Higton.

In his introduction to the zine, Folk Creative Director Cathal McAteer writes:

Caught by the River’s quest to provide ‘an antidote to indifference’ reflects much about how I try to approach life and why I started Folk some 24 years ago — the gentle persuasion of good times to all who enter our world, rather than angry rebellion or lazy imitation. So an invitation to piece together a kinda Greatest Hits from the rich Caught by the River archive, underpinned by this brilliant rationale — well, it’s a privilege.

Even though the written pieces are dated to a specific month and year, it’s a testament to their authors’ quality that they ring true and remain as relevant today as they did when written. With Folk my design ethos attempts the same — creating timeless personal pieces that people return to with affection.

There is a common thread of independence running through Caught by the River, the zine and with the labels I’m involved with. The state of independence is a two-sided coin of course, but when it allows collaborations like this one to happen without contracts, lengthy meetings and spreadsheets, it’s a wonderful thing. The opportunity to come together, create lovely items and highlight talent should be much valued: it’s an antidote to indifference for reader and guest editor alike.

Designed by Lily Weinbrand, A Collection of Words from the Archive Vol. 6 features contributions from Emma Warren, Georgina Cook, Ben Myers, Jim Ghedi, Travis Elborough, Ken Worpole, Jason Orton, Bill Drummond, Tracey Moberly and Amy Liptrot.

Collaboration merch and zines are available to shop via our Bandcamp page and the Folk website from 5pm today. Steady subscribers, check your inboxes for 10% off.