Save the Date: SoundCamp 2017

16 February 2017 // Field Recording

SoundCamp May 2015 Central Meadow, Stave Hill. Pinhole by Ky Lewis

News reached us this morning of SoundCamp’s plans for 2017.

This year’s series of outdoor listening events will take place over the weekend of International Dawn Chorus Day, 6-7 May.

Sites at Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe; End of the World Garden, Cornwall; South Walney Island, Cumbria; Bridport, Devon and others in the UK and around the world will be joined by the Reveil radio broadcast, which circles the earth at sunrise on a network of live audio streams. (more…)

Remembering Roger Deakin

16 February 2017 // Remembering Roger Deakin

Back in September, we posted a series of tributes to the late, great writer and environmentalist Roger Deakin, marking ten years since his untimely passing. The contribution which follows came as a late addition, but we’ve decided it’s too good a piece of writing not to publish. Enjoy!

Words and pictures: Melissa Mouchemore

I was once asked by Roger Deakin if I would like to join him for a swim in his moat at Walnut Tree Farm. I was sitting outside the farmhouse, probably with a cup of tea. I did not know Roger at all well, although I had heard many tales – he was Jo’s friend from way back – and we had stopped off in Mellis en route back to Ipswich, on the off-chance that he was in. He was in (he often wasn’t), and he was excited. He’d just been sent the cover design for his first book – Jo had mentioned that Roger was writing a book. He spread out the watercolour with pride – suggestions of a muddy channel and grassy banks beneath an immense stippled sky, an endless, watery blue. We were impressed and said so.

I already knew that the book was called Waterlog and that it was about swimming, but to make conversation I asked him anyway. I don’t need to repeat his summary but at the end he said something like,

“And it all starts with me swimming in my moat,” as he pointed at the oblong of water near where we were sitting outside – an oblong that in my ignorance I would have called a pond. (more…)

Survey East / Blackwaterside

15 February 2017 // Photography

Here follow some recent additions to Survey East, a continuing document of the Blackwater Estuary by Ultramarine’s Ian Cooper. Shots from the series make up photofilm Blackwaterside, which will be shown at our Horse Hospital event later this month with a live Ultramarine soundtrack. More information and tickets are available here.


Cities & Memory: Sacred Spaces

14 February 2017 // Field Recording

Following their wonderful London Underground sound project The Next Station last year, we were pleased to hear of a new happening from the folk over at Cities & Memory, who launched the first ever sound map of the world’s sacred, spiritual and religious spaces yesterday as part of a new global collaborative sound project.

With recordings of more than 100 churches, temples, mosques and other spaces, the Sacred Spaces project examines the role sound plays in our spiritual lives, and takes it to a new level, remixing and reimagining the sounds to create a corresponding alternative, imagined sound world. Contributions come from 123 musicians and sound artists from around the world, and range from ambient drones to full-on house and techno tracks; from abstract experiments to constructed vocal narratives. (more…)

Now playing

13 February 2017 // Music

Jake Xerxes Fussell, from the forthcoming LP, What in the Natural World.
Released 31 March on Paradise of Bachelors.

There’s talk of Jake coming over to the UK to play dates in the spring. If that should happen we’ll be putting on a show. Watch this space, as they say.