Creating Critical Critters

22 June 2017 // Books

Ceri Levy tells us how ‘Critical Critters‘, his latest book collaboration with the artist Ralph Steadman, came into being

Two years is a long time to gestate. Elephants take 22 months to give birth and our latest book, Critical Critters, has taken a fraction longer than that. But it’s done and Ralph and I have finished our tour of the endangered animals of the world. It’s been a chastening adventure and the constant decimation of our planet’s wildlife and habitat is particularly saddening. There is a multitude of people who are working extremely hard on behalf of so many desperate creatures and with each positive action they change the status quo. But more people are perpetually needed to aid the workforce. (more…)

Competition Results

21 June 2017 // Competition

Here are the results of our latest newsletter competition:

Last week, we had three copies of the new King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard album Murder of the Universe, out this Friday with Heavenly Recordings, to give away.

We asked: ‘Murder’ is the collective noun for a group of which birds?

And the answer is: crows. The winners are (more…)

Caught by the Canberra Part 2

21 June 2017 // Miscellany

By Peter Papathanasiou

It’s been nineteen months since I last wrote for Caught by the River. It’s no coincidence that my son is also nineteen months old. It’s been a joyous but expectedly busy time.

Today, we’re going for a walk through the Australian bush. I’d done the same thing with his mum nineteen months earlier in the hope the exercise and movement would bring on labour. It didn’t, but I don’t consider our son’s desire to remain in the womb as a reflection of any aversion to nature. Since his birth, he’s been up the mountain in an all-terrain stroller pushed by his mum, and in a Swedish-designed ergonomic carrier strapped to his dad. But we’re a big boy now and can walk independently. People warned me the time would pass quickly. They were right. (more…)

Diva’s Reading Rundown

21 June 2017 // Books //Magazines

Caught by the River deckhand Diva Harris assesses the latest publications to have kept her commute boredom at bay

If the current weight of my tote bag is anything to go by, the output of independent publishing at the moment is pretty damn great. The first thing I’ve been happily lugging around is gorse, a lovely little journal which found its way to me all the way from Dublin. This, its eighth issue, was published a couple of months ago, and features longform narrative essays, as well as original fiction, poetry and interviews. Though strongly rooted in literary interest, this feels far more robust than your average literary journal, with its inclusion of experimental writing in both English and Irish (the latter, regretfully, I cannot read). The pieces which particularly stuck in my brain were Sinéad Gleeson‘s colour-and-texture-saturated essay Your Chroma, Melissa Lee-Houghton‘s vertically-printed Four Poems, and Orla Fitzpatrick’s interview with Dragana Jurisic, the Croatian photographer whose current work focuses on the life of an aunt rumoured to have fled rural Yugoslavia in the 1950s, in favour of a life of espionage, sexual intrigue and glamour in Paris. Pleasing to the mind, eye, and touch, gorse gets top marks all round. Buy a copy here. (more…)


20 June 2017 // Antidotes

This week’s book, record, and miscellaneous recommendations come from Jeff Barrett and Diva Harris of CBTR HQ, and long-serving contributor Andy Childs.

The original R Garcia & Sons shop

Diva Harris:

– Gazpacho from Garcia’s, a really good Spanish deli on Portobello Road which has been there since the 50s. The only lunch I want to go anywhere near in this ungodly heat.

This mix from Swiss kraut babes Klaus Johann Grobe, which they’re calling PSYCHELDELIK HAAR JAZZ. Personally, I think the name alone should sell it to you. Nice to see that they’re still filling the world with good things, despite being on a break ’til 2018. (more…)