The Ethical Carnivore

22 September 2016 // Books


The Ethical Carnivore: My Year Killing to Eat by Louise Gray
(Bloomsbury, hardback, 320 pages. Out now and available here in the Caught by the River shop.)

Review by Malachy Tallack

In the summer of 2013, Kate Middleton was lying in hospital in central London with a baby on the way. At the same time, the Daily Telegraph’s environment correspondent, Louise Gray, was touring a slaughterhouse near Pontefract with Prince Charles. Her editors had sent her to the plant in case the prince happened to mention anything about his imminent grandchild. He didn’t, of course. But Louise did think she could see a story. (more…)

The Dockworker’s Dream / The Hustle

21 September 2016 // Film/TV //Music

The gorgeous piece of music in this film clip is ‘The Hustle’, from the forthcoming LP by Lambchop. We posted the track on the site a few weeks ago. I’ve listened to it nearly every day since, and I still smile when I forget who I’m listening to and then remember that it’s Lambchop (usually around three times per listen).

The clip turned up online the other day. It’s a collaboration between Lambchop and Bill Morrison – a name new to me, but he’s described as being “one of the most respected American filmmakers, celebrated for Decasia, one of the most famous of a wave of experimental films using found archival footage.”

I’ve checked Bill Morrison out: he’s an interesting guy, and definitely worth further investigation. For now though, kick back to this. It’s a beauty. (JB)

The Caught by the River Book of the Month: September

21 September 2016 // Books //On Water

estuary-jacketEstuary: Out From London To The Sea by Rachel Lichtenstein
(Hamish Hamilton, hardback, 336 pages. Available here in the Caught by the River shop.)

Review by Peter Watts

The hazardous mystery of the Thames Estuary has attracted writers for centuries, acting as both treacherous landscape for deadly adventures and ready-made metaphor for the voyage of life. In Estuary, Rachel Lichtenstein attempts to make sense of this unsettling environment following a seemingly gentle sailing trip from Wapping to Southend in the cultured company of artists and archeologists that ends Conrad-style, on storm-tossed seas, with Lichtenstein cowering in the bowels of the boat assailed by ghostly screams – “the clamour of a great crowd of people crying out simultaneously in fear”. After fun times like these, who wouldn’t want to go back for more? (more…)

Cutlers Rough, Part 2

20 September 2016 // On Nature //Photography

Fox Cub Portrait

Words and pictures: Mat Bingham

Cutlers Rough has absorbed a lot of my time and energy this year. Other photography projects put on hold, but that is the way of things. Every year I sketch out ideas in a journal I keep. It’s rare that I stick to them, thoughts put to paper, incomplete, unrealised. I am often drawn to one thing, a mini obsession if you will and this year is no different. I have been captivated by two families: the badgers and foxes of Cutlers Rough.

Cutlers Rough is familiar to me. I recognise individual trees. I notice the subtle changes in light as the year progresses. The world turns, nothing is stationary, everything is always in a state of flux. I often visit the wood at lunchtime, a lush green oasis in a sea of concrete and steel. (more…)

BE – Blue Lullaby

19 September 2016 // Music //Rivertones

Following two exclusive plays on Mary Anne Hobbs’ 6Music show this weekend, we’re happy to announce the new BE track ‘Blue Lullaby’, released today on Rivertones.

Brand new from the collective behind the critically acclaimed album ONE, ‘Blue Lullaby’ incorporates previously unheard vibrational signals from the European honey bee – believed to be female worker bees ‘talking’ to unborn larvae, guiding them in their future roles within the beehive.

Purchase a digital download of ‘Blue Lullaby’ here. The track is also available to purchase on iTunes and to stream via Spotify.

Following a summer of successful festival performances, BE play live in The Hive at Kew Gardens on 28 and 29 September. More information and tickets are available here.

BE will also play a duo of very special homecoming shows at St Mary’s Church – situated in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market – on 16 and 17 December, accompanied by the St. Mary’s Choir. More information/tickets.