Andrew Wasylyk: Drift

25 March 2017 // Music

Dear Caught by the River,

Recently, I recorded a short 8-track instrumental album under my ‘Andrew Wasylyk’ alias (Ukrainian grandfather) called Themes For Buildings & Spaces, which ranges from cinematic to minimal piano and drone. It did a two week stint at an arts festival in Scotland at the end of 2016: (more…)

In Search of the Glanville Fritillary

24 March 2017 // On Nature

Sue Brooks delves into the history of butterfly collecting, and goes in search of an increasingly rare species

February 2nd and Iā€™m following Geoff Martin down twisting staircases and narrow corridors in the bowels of the Natural History Museum. Another chapter in a fascination with one particular butterfly ā€“ the Glanville Fritillary ā€“ which started when I read a short comment in The Aurelian Legacy (Michael Salmon 2000) about the woman who discovered it. Her noble collection probably perished long ago, but very recently three specimens she gave to Petiver, a butterfly and two moths were refound in the Sloane collection in the Natural History Museum. Lost and refound. The detective in my brain swung into action. The butterfly recently rediscovered in the Sloane collection must be a 300 year old Glanville Fritillary miraculously preserved in a drawer, in some storage centre closed to the public. I made enquiries, and booked an appointment and a day ticket to South Kensington. It felt exciting to be on the trail. (more…)

Competition Results

23 March 2017 // Competition

Here are the results of our last couple of newsletter competitions:

First up, we had a pair of tickets for this year’s bluedot festival to give away.

We asked: What is the name of Jodrell Bank’s Grade I listed telescope?

And the answer is: the Lovell Telescope. The winner is (more…)

Thankful Villages Vol. 2 #1

23 March 2017 // Thankful Villages

Darren Hayman is back, with a second volume of songs resulting from his Thankful Villages project. The first village is Cundall, Yorkshire.

Cundall, Yorkshire – Thankful Villages #19 from Darren Hayman on Vimeo. (Photos by Emma Winston.)

The sun is already low as we approach Cundall, but that’s ok – we’re staying over. Sleeping overnight in a Thankful Village is a special treat, as so few have guest houses. We are staying on a farm. Me and Emma are given tea in the living room and clearly thought of as couple. That’s ok, we only need the double bed to lay out our synthesisers and make them hum whilst the village sleeps. (more…)

Port Eliot 2017: Music Lineup Announced

22 March 2017 // Port Eliot Festival

A new wave of Port Eliot acts has been announced this morning, including a round-up of the musical talent taking to our very own stage. We’ll be posting more detailed information in due course, but for the time being, you can peruse artist bios here.