Beyond the Fell Wall – Film Stills

3 October 2015 // Events //film

Some stills from the forthcoming short film, Beyond the Fell Wall, made over the last year in the Furness hills of Cumbria by Richard Skelton of Corbel Stone Press.


Five Rivers – August

2 October 2015 // Landscape //Walking

Words and pictures: Malcolm Anderson

It’s seven o’clock and the day is languidly slipping away towards what promises to be a perfect dry-fly evening on the river. Quite a rarity this year with a summer that seems to have been dominated by chilly nights and northerly winds, but for tonight at least, Wiltshire basks in summer. Still, warm, muggy. Good bug weather.

I’ve parked the car tight up against the hedge in a little lane and the sloe heavy thorns skitter screechingly against the passenger window, fingernails on a chalkboard, setting nerves on edge. Out of the rear view mirror the river Wylye wends its way around a wooded meander and out of sight, its surface dark as murder under the trees.

As I shut the door with a noise that definitely doesn’t sound like a golf a pheasant takes off from the hedge in alarm and the dog lead rips through my fingers, I’m nearly pulled over by Mungo and his spaniel instinct to chase. Joe emerges from the back seat, having climbed across and laughs unselfconsciously at the sight of me trying to recover my balance. Days like this are the days when being a dad, single or not, is pure pleasure. When his company means everything and when we get on like two old friends, content in each other’s place in the world. (more…)

Glacial: A poem by Kathleen Jamie

1 October 2015 // poetry

IMG_1456A detail of the front cover of ‘The Bonniest Companie’. Art by Olivia Lomenech Gill

A thousand-foot slog, then a cairn of old stones — hand-shifted labour, and much the same river, shining way below as the Romans came, saw, and soon thought the better of. Too many mountains, too many wanchancy tribes whose habits we wouldn’t much care for (but could probably match), too much grim north, too much faraway snow. Let’s bide here a moment, catching our breath and inhaling the sweet scent of whatever whin-bush is flowering today and see for miles, all the way hence to the lynx’s return, the re-established wolf’s.

Taken from the collection ‘The Bonniest Companie’, published on 8 October by Picador. Available to preorder now in the Caught by the River shop.

An Antidote to Indifference – Issue 13

30 September 2015 // An Antidote To Indifference

We are proud to announce that our 13th issue of An Antidote to Indifference is almost ready for public consumption. As with our first and very popular field recording special (#6), this, our second, is guest edited by Cheryl Tipp.

Beautifully designed by Louise Mason, this 40-page issue is packed full of insights from all corners of the field recording world. Featuring exclusive contributions from Stuart Fowkes, Jeremy Hegge, Kate Carr, Robin the Fog, Karen Power and Richard Youell, as well as writing from long-time Caught by the River contributors such as Melissa Harrison, Chris Watson, Richard King and Emma Warren.

An Antidote to Indifference: Issue 13 will be launched at our Caught by the River Avon event in Bristol this coming Friday, where Cheryl will be a guest speaker.

On general sale from Tuesday 6 October. Pre-order a copy now from the Caught by the River shop.

Caught by the River Avon: Update

29 September 2015 // Events


As previously announced on this site, Caught by the River Avon is an event happening in Bristol in a few days’ time. A bunch of regular Caught by the River contributors will be getting together and talking about their passions. It’s been organised by the artist Nick Hand and the writer Richard King – good friends of ours and themselves regular contributors to this site – and it’s taking place this coming Friday at Centrespace Studio, Bristol BS1.

Advance ticket sales have been popular but there are still some left and a few will be kept back for sale on the night.

Buy tickets here. (more…)