Hill Country Part 2

25 May 2017 // Miscellany //Photography

The second and final installment of Mat Bingham’s road trip through Texas and Colorado:

We left the main road and entered Colorado Bend National Park. Hiking trails were signposted on both sides of the potholed track like tributaries of the river that was the parks namesake. As we rounded the final bend in the road there before us was the campsite, cradled in a steep sided valley and next to it, the great Colorado River. (more…)

Edge Walking #8: The Naze and Hamford Water

24 May 2017 // Edge Walking

A series of posts following Tom Bolton – author of London’s Lost Rivers and London’s Lost Neighbourhoods – as he travels the coastline of the British Isles.

We returned to Essex the day Article 50 was triggered. Brexit had a created new language, enormous implications packed into a portmanteau phrase, or hidden behind a paragraph number. Since our walk began in the Spring of 2016, a political storm had been unleashed, gathering on the eastern fringes of Britain, and lashing the country. We had been in the right place to observe, but we were still unsure what we had really seen.

The Friday night train from Liverpool Street had shed all its other passengers by the time it reached Walton-on-the-Naze, the end of the line. Walton, still out of season, was equally deserted too. The car showroom lighting the seafront turned out, on closer inspection, to be a large mobility scooter dealership. In the uncurtained bay window of a seaside block, a woman stood motionless, back turned, in an old-fashioned hat and coat, as though she had been been ready and waiting for thirty years. The pub where we had booked a room contained only a barman, whose greeting ‘Good Sir’, turning his jollity level to maximum to fill the empty saloon. From the beer garden we saw two lights far out in the blackness, beyond the pier, flashing in sequence with each other. Their message was undecipherable, but next morning we calculated that they belonged to the Sunk Light Vessel, and to the independent territory of Sealand. (more…)

Thankful Villages Vol. 2 #5

23 May 2017 // Thankful Villages

This Friday Darren Hayman will release a second volume of songs resulting from his Thankful Villages project, copies of which can be pre-ordered from the Caught by the River shop. Today we reveal the fifth village,
Tellisford, Somerset.

Tellisford, Somerset – Thankful Village #23 from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

Tellisford falls sharply into a valley. On a sunny day like this you have to stop yourself breaking into a run down to the River Frome. There is a spot famed for wild swimming by the weir in Tellisford. It is a bright sunny day and we only have to follow the bathers down past the mill and over the bridge. (more…)

Kate Carr: Soundcamp set and video for Reveil 2017

22 May 2017 // Field Recording

Soundcamp set and video for Reveil 2017 (May 6) from Kate Carr on Vimeo.

Urban nature in London’s docklands, an audio visual recording by Kate Carr. Recorded for Soundcamp in a very small park opposite Canary Wharf for International Dawn Chorus Day 2017. Footage taken from Canada Water to the Thames.

Kate Carr on Caught by the River / Twitter

He Who Feeds The Raven – an unreliable account.

21 May 2017 // Music

Words and video: Stephen Cracknell

The gallows hardly looked big enough to take a grown man’s weight, under a skylight in one of the back buildings of Oakham museum the timbers seemed too slender for the gruesome work they had carried out. But there they stood, survivors from history. The very gallows upon which John Perkins was hanged on this same date, the 25th March, one hundred and eighty four years earlier. The gallows are not the only survivors from the history of how Jon Perkins from the village of Ketton came to be hanged outside Oakham Gaol on a Monday in 1833. The legend passed into song, a ballad known as the Oakham Poachers or The Lamentation Of Young Perkins, the melody of which forms the basis of a track we called “Against Our Laws Contrary” on A Fair Field the latest album by The Memory Band. (more…)