Jeb’s Jukebox

23 January 2018 // Jeb's Jukebox

Sunny And The Sunliners
Should I Take You Home


How do I get through the winter? The days are short and cold, it’s wet, it’s dull, the fields are muddy, the skies are heavy. The birds, like most sensible things, have fled to the south. The rabbits and foxes are snug in their burrows. How do I get through December, January, February? I turn To Sunny And The Sunliners.

When I was much younger, sad in my teenaged years, lost in Texas, I met Dan Del Santo. Dan Del Santo was exactly the man I needed to meet. He was a musician that loved music and he talked to me seriously about serious things. In a dark time of Fleetwood Mac and Boston and Peter Frampton he played me Fela Kuti and Donnie Fritts. He leant me stacks of records. He told me to be interesting. He played me conjunto records and cassettes of spoken word poetry. He lived big and welcoming and he had opinions that mattered. He told me: never trust a musician, trust the music. And I remember him talking about Sunny. (more…)

Event Cancellation – CBTR Social Club at Bush Hall

22 January 2018 // Events

Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with regret that we announce the cancellation of our next Social Club, scheduled to have taken place at London’s Bush Hall on Sunday 4 February.

Whilst we hope to be able to resurrect at least some of the lineup for an event in the not-too-distant future, all that can be done at present is to issue all ticketholders with a full refund, and apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

With thanks for your understanding,


Postcard from the Outer Hebrides #1: Harris Tweed Truck

22 January 2018 // Photography

The first in a new series of monthly posts from photographer and former Buzzcocks member John Maher, in which he shares shots from the Outer Hebrides

I used to see this old truck each time I drove to Stornoway. It was semi-hidden behind a stone wall, just off the main road from Harris to Lewis. I later learned the truck was parked there in 1970 and hadn’t moved since. For a number of years the owner used it for storage. Being a stonemason, he built a wall around the truck to provide some protection from the prevailing winds. Despite this, the truck was blown over twice during its time off the road.

It was November 2010 when curiosity got the better of me…I decided to take a closer look (and take the picture above). The bodywork was aluminium, which explained why it was still in reasonably good shape, but the steel chassis hadn’t fared so well. Much of the paintwork had faded or flaked off but the distinctive racing style graphics and ‘Kenneth Mackenzie Ltd’ logos were still legible. (more…)

Nothing Will Come of Nothing

21 January 2018 // Miscellany

Ben McCormick tries life plastic-free

I started smoking just after my A-Levels, on holiday in France at a campsite just outside of Antibes. No other reason but to make it look like I was a seasoned smoker to the girl who offered me a fag. Embassy Number 1, as I recall. After a full five minutes of hacking following the first drag – explained away by my dubious claim that I must have had some beer in my mouth when inhaling – the cool, bad-boy image I was trying to affect doubtless looked pathetically unconvincing. She must have seen something in that cavalier disregard for authenticity, though, as a memorable (for me, anyway) holiday romance blossomed shortly afterwards. The habit lasted much longer. As did my foolhardy belief that such elaborate attempts to find common cause would make my chances of attracting a mate considerably better. (more…)

The Bird Effect Diaries

20 January 2018 // The Bird Effect

In the second of two Bird Effect updates from Ireland, Ceri Levy encounters Sooty Shearwaters, Bonxies, Storm Petrels, and even some dolphins

Photo Courtesy of David Lindo

On our way to the harbour we meet the guys from the Cape Clear Observatory, who have just caught a Common Rosefinch for ringing. At this time of year there’s nothing rosy about it, but it is a rare enough bird to see. We get on Michael John’s boat along with a few other keen birders. The day is bright and the waves are calm and before long we are far away from the island and all we can see is the Fastnet Lighthouse. Then to our right a grey curvature pops out of the water and then another. There is a yellow tinge to the side of the hump. Common dolphins have come to check us out. (more…)