The Way Of The Hare – an unreliable account

25 February 2017 // Landscape //Music

Memory Band founder-member Stephen Cracknell visits the landscape which provided the inspiration for their latest LP, A Fair Field:

It took me a while to get out of Norwich. Needing a map, I had to climb the hill to a bookshop from the train station, slipping through the early lunchtime crowds. Then, confused by road signs, I made the mistake of asking directions from a couple of locals. But soon enough I crossed the river and headed through Trowse, once a model village built by the makers of Colman’s mustard. I pedalled past the site of Arminghall Henge, then over the A47, which cut a vast wedge through the hillside, and stopped briefly at the Venta Icenorum, the Roman marketplace of the Iceni tribe. The road I cycled upon ran parallel to the River Tas, but I could not see it. Then at the parish church south of Stoke Holy Cross I turned south east and approached the landscape which had brought me here. (more…)

Jeb’s Jukebox

24 February 2017 // Jeb's Jukebox

Country Disco
Lee Shot Williams


Sometimes you love a record before you’ve heard it. It’s waiting for you, it’s fate, there’s no way around it.

How could I not love this record? It was made for me. If it hadn’t of existed, I’d have had to invent it. It’s got a little bit of everything I love. It’s right there in the title. Country Disco. The two loves of my young life. Sung by the great Lee ‘Shot’ Williams. On a great, overlooked southern soul label. How could I do anything but love this? (more…)

Pleasures of…February

23 February 2017 // Pleasures

Poet Sophie McKeand on dreaming and birdsong between Wales and India

It’s late February and I’m absorbed by the bright-berried Cotoneaster Cornubia tree/bush outside our home-office window shivering in the Welsh winter grey under the weight of rummaging house-sparrows. Watching them transports me back to the previous week and a sharp memory of being hustled at the roadside under an intense quarrel of slim-line sparrows in the Kolkata heat where I was thinking about Terry Gilliam.

I’ve been fascinated with steampunk since first seeing Gilliam’s dystopian film Brazil and am reminded of this because of the dust-covered buildings, dizzying streetmarkets and Victorian-esque machinery that clash loudly with, and stagger grandiosely alongside, high-tech phone stores, elaborate architecture and brightly lit billboards for expensive jewellery. (more…)

Event roundup

22 February 2017 // Events

Here follows a little roundup of some events we like the look of:

First off, here’s a shameless plug for a happening of our own, taking place next Monday, 27 February, at London’s iconic Horse Hospital. There’ll be poetry, film and…music made in an abandoned French nuclear power station. Tickets are £10 in advance and are available here, along with less scant information about the evening’s proceedings.

Now that’s out of the way, we can make a fuss about some cool things by other people. Photographer William Arnold — creator of the beautiful Suburban Herbarium series, as previously featured on the site — is just one of many guest speakers at SHADOWS II: Natural Transformations, a symposium which will explore the relationship between traditional photography processes and natural transformations. (more…)

Caught by the River & Friendly Records present…

21 February 2017 // Events //Music

Letterpress poster: Nick Hand

Followers of the site will be well aware of our longstanding love affair with Bristol’s Centrespace Gallery. It’s a nice space to put on gigs, and Nick Hand, the man at the helm, is rather nice too. Niceness all around.

Even nicer: we’re teaming up with one of our favourite record shops, Friendly Records, to bring a night of guitar-based magic to BS1. (more…)