Autumn Alegria: a poem by Miguel Cullen

18 November 2017 // Poetry

I'm catching these leaves at the moment, July's up, in the midsummer light, the oaks are covered in lace frost. The green leaves are each in silver frames, like something that was lost. I care — under the Chinese-lantern-balloon stars you met my parents and I grew into something different.


Miguel’s collection Paranoid Narcissism! is out now. Buy a copy here.

Miguel Cullen on Caught by the River

New Landscape Drawings, early November ’17

18 November 2017 // Landscape

A new sequence of drawings by Maxim Griffin.

In Her Element: Jay Armstrong and Elementum Journal

17 November 2017 // Magazines

Kirsteen McNish introduces the publication aiming to help its readers ‘get back to what really matters’ through nurturing a connection to the natural world

Elementum is a journal, founded by Jay Armstrong, that explores the natural world and our place within it. Jay runs the publication from her converted garage-cum-studio, surrounded by countless books, sketches, artwork, and boxes of her photography transparency sheets. By throwing herself into Elementum’s creation, Jay hoped to offer the reader a kind of solace and escape from the frenetic nature of everyday life. A bi-annual publication, it explores folklore, literature, poetry, science, and specially commissioned art and photography, and is free of advertisements, aiming to create a quiet space away from a deluge of unwanted information. (more…)

The Messenger

16 November 2017 // Birds //Film/TV

Ceri Levy assesses The Messenger: a new film which explores our deep-seated connection to birds, and warns that the uncertain fate of songbirds might just mirror our own

The sky is filled…but I know it’s going to change – Bill Evans, avian migration researcher


Su Rynard’s documentary The Messenger sends out a powerful message of concern for songbirds — and one that I have been familiar with for some time now. The bird world is facing a meltdown like never before and has lost, more or less, half its population since the 1960s. The film points out many of the causes of these catastrophic declines and is beautifully constructed. It tells a series of modular bird-related stories, which are brought together to create a chillingly reflective documentary. The message is simple: if we don’t act now, we could soon be living within a silent world without birdsong. This is a potential reality. (more…)


15 November 2017 // Books

Alexander Langlands’ CRAEFT: How Traditional Crafts Are About More Than Just Making, is out now, published by Faber & Faber. Read an extract from the book’s introduction below.

I remember the first time I used a scythe. I was in my mid-twenties and, sick of city life, I had taken up the tenancy of a cottage in the middle of nowhere. Neglected for years, the garden was a waste ground of invasive weeds, molehills and tumbled-down fences. At first I relished the challenge of taming this wilderness, but after just one year the burden of mowing the grass, strimming the various rough patches and trimming the hedges began to grind me down. (more…)