Caught by the River

Nature Book Reader

Cheryl Tipp | 17th April 2011

A Sky Full of Starlings by Stephen Moss
Chosen by Cheryl Tipp.

I love everything about this book; the striking cover, the intricate reliefs at the start of each chapter, the paper, the shape, but, most importantly, the content. During the course of 2007, Stephen Moss kept a diary of his birding experiences and these tales are shared with the reader to great effect. This charming collection of entries demonstrates that you don’t have to travel far and wide in order to enjoy birds. The back garden can provide just as many memorable birding moments as renowned wildlife locations such as the Cairngorms. The underlying message that flows through this book is that you don’t have to pencil in a certain time or visit a specific place to qualify as a birder. By being in tune with your surroundings, wherever you may find yourself, you open up a whole world of birding possibilities. I haven’t started my own birding diary yet, but ‘A Sky Full of Starlings’ has certainly inspired me to do so.

Taken from the Caught by the River Nature Book Reader.