Caught by the River

Kite's Country

29th May 2011

Our request to readers for information regarding the late Oliver Kite (CBTR, 26 May) has resulted in a net full of replies.
Though there are some that question his motives, Major Kite most definitely left his mark on the world of flyfishing. His techniques, his broadcasting and his writings (his book Nymph Fishing in Practise, being the most mentioned in the letters received) have all been credited as inspirational.
These TV films, made with producer Ted Channell, are a delight, and whoever it was that posted them on YouTube in the first place deserves to never blank again (that translates as ‘may your wishes all come true’, for non-angling readers). We’ll get them all up on here over the next couple of weeks along with some of the letters we receive (please keep them coming in). If you can’t wait that long to watch the films, you can find them by searching ‘Oliver Kite’ at YouTube. (JB)

Hi Jeff,

How lovely to see you have found Ollie Kites films, they truly are superb and although I never met him (he died in the year I was born) I always toast him when fishing for the trout and grayling in Wiltshire. Often, fishing the waters where he once trod and cast a line I like to feel he is watching my efforts! Only the other evening I had a trout supper on the banks of the Avon with some wild greens, and toasted Ollie with a glass of beer!!
I bought the surviving films on video directly from Ted Channell back in the 1980’s and he said in one of his letters that Ollie was a delight to work with and never wore polaroid glasses when fishing as he thought it gave him an unfair advantage – he instinctively knew when a fish would take, would see them before anyone else (his eye for fish subsurface was legendary) and was the master of the induced take.
There are many stories, but those who I have met who knew him all say what a magnificent chap he was which is good enough for me.
Enjoy the films, blackberry time is a favourite, what a splendid picnic!

All good fishes,

Dickie Straker, Bridport, Dorset