Caught by the River

Chris Watson & David Attenborough on Sound

Chris Watson | 17th December 2013

Two brilliant minds were in conversation on Radio 4 yesterday when Chris Watson talked to David Attenborough about his life in nature and sound. The BBC website described the programme as “an exclusive interview for BBC Radio 4, David Attenborough talks to Chris Watson about his life in sound. One of Sir David’s first jobs in natural history filmmaking was as a wildlife sound recordist. Recorded in Qatar, Sir David is with Chris Watson (a current wildlife sound recordist), and is there to make a film about a group of birds he is passionate about, The Bird of Paradise. It is in Qatar where the world’s largest captive breeding population is and it is in this setting Chris takes Sir David back to the 1950s and his early recording escapades, right through to today where Sir David narrates a series of Tweet Of The Days on Radio 4 across the Christmas and New Year period.” Click here to listen on the iPlayer.

We’re delighted to add that Chris will be joining us at Port Eliot Festival next July. Tickets are on sale now. Chris has been a vital part of the Caught by the River line up at the festival since we were first asked to take part in 2009. We’ll talk to him in detail about what he’s planning for 2014’s performance nearer the time.