Caught by the River

Waterlog on the airwaves

Sue Brooks | 15th August 2021

We recently received the following email correspondence from treasured contributor Sue Brooks, and thought it too evocative and beautifully written a paragraph to keep to ourselves. Posted with the kind permission of the sender…

Wanted to thank you for the reminder in Antidotes about the rerun of Waterlog. I tuned in on my mobile phone in bed and straight away was back to when I first read the book. I know it was 1999 and can remember feeling so emotional and wanting to make some sort of tribute. I drove to the 1920s lido in the F of Dean and floated on my back in VERY cold water thinking how much he would love the trees and Lydney church spire and loving it myself, of course. A thought came……you can do it here. Stop listening and get in the bath. So I ran the bath really full and balanced the phone on the edge. There was Roger’s voice and splashing noises from the moat, and then Robert was telling the story about how Roger nearly killed him in China and Alice Roberts talking about The Third Thing.  Roger coming and going, larger than life, as ever. Ahhhhh the magic of it all. Thanks to CBTRiver.

If you, like Sue, would like to listen back to Alice Roberts on the legacy of Waterlog in the bath, or the lido, or anyplace else, afloat or otherwise, you can do so here.