Caught by the River

Chris Watson Watch

Chris Watson | 1st June 2011

Ynys-hir’s beautiful woodland

From the BBC Springwatch blog: Ace sound recordist Chris Watson was up in the wee small hours to record the dawn chorus here at the RSPB reserve, Ynys-hir, yesterday morning:

0235h Woken up by hail rattling on my bedroom window.

0240h Alarm ringtone gets me out of bed.After a stormy and very cold night the weather miraculously clears as I drive into the reserve and I can see starlight through the tree canopy. The wind has dropped and in the woodland it’s calm, still and very quiet. The microphone cables and connectors are really wet so it’s an anxious moment when I plug in to listen if everything is still working after an over night soaking. The system powers up and through my headphones I hear… virtually nothing.

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