Caught by the River

The Spirit Of Radio

7th June 2011

If you were going to gift a record company with a radio license for one week in the hope of getting eclectic, intelligent, inspirational broadcasting 24-7, then Domino would probably be at the top of anyone’s list. The label took to the airwaves yesterday with a schedule that looks like the best rock’n’roll festival in a headlong collision with the greatest literary festival with a touch of Notting Hill Carnival chucked in for good measure. Over the week, there’s a lot of Friends Of The River presenting shows – Richard King, James Endeacott and Bobby Gillespie to name just a few. And, on Sunday, we’re in the studio to present a live mid-morning show (11am – 1pm). We’re still putting ideas into place… expect guests talking rivers, poets and birds alongside a whole load of pastoral Nature Disco sounds. We’ll post an update before the show with a full line up; until then, tune in and turn on…

Domino Radio can be heard online or in London on 87.7 FM.