Caught by the River

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Chris Watson | 23rd June 2012

Next week on BBC Radio 4:

The Cave: Mon- Fri, 25-29 June 2012, 13.45-14.00
A series of five illustrated talks by different writers, inspired by ‘The Cave’
Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson. Producer Sarah Blunt

The Cave Horse
A drawing scratched onto a wall comes to life as writer and naturalist Paul Evans reflects on the significance of The Cave Horse.
Actor : Adjoa Andoh, Wildlife sound recordist: Chris Watson

Limestone, Water, Fire and Ice
Illustrated with recordings made on location, wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson recalls his experiences in two dramatically different cave systems: the limestone caves of Waitomo in New Zealand, and the Kverkfjöll ice caves in Iceland.

Plato’s Cave
Alan Read, Professor of Theatre at Kings College London takes a philosophical approach when he reflects on Plato’s Cave.
Additional sound recordings by Chris Watson

Cave of Faith
Martin Palmer, Secretary General of The Alliance of Religions and Conservation reflects on the role of caves in religious stories and traditions.
Reader; Adjoa Andoh, Additional sound recordings by Chris Watson

Beyond the Vermillion Border
A dramatic finale to this series ventures inside the human cave; the mouth, in a virtual journey around the senses.
Written by Patricia Reynolds specialist in oral surgery and Director of Flexible Learning at Kings College London.
Joe is played by Harry Livingstone
The Oracle is played by Gerard McDermott
The Oracle Lady is played by Adjoa Andoh
The reader is Christine Hall
Additional sound recordings by Chris Watson