Caught by the River

Chris Watson Watch

Chris Watson | 11th February 2014

NATURE BBC Radio 4, Tue 11 Feb, 11.02am
Arctic Terns at 66 degrees North

In the second of three programmes about the natural history of Iceland, Chris goes in search of Arctic Terns – which travel to Iceland from Antarctica to breed; the longest regular migration of any animal. Some birds travel even further – to the Arctic circle, and so on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, Chris takes a 3 hour ferry journey to the island of Grimsey which lies on the Arctic Circle to see and record some of these remarkable long distance migrants; birds which see more daylight than any other creature, as they enjoy a southern summer and then a northern summer each year.

Presenter Chris Watson
Producer Sarah Blunt

More information on this series can be found on the BBC website.

Chris will be a guest of ours at Port Eliot Festival in July.