Caught by the River

Chris Watson On Your Mobile

Chris Watson | 24th August 2014


Next month sees the release of a unique Chris Watson app for both Android and iPhones. A hook up with Brighton based arts collective the Nimbus Group, the app borrows their name and and promises to condense the sound of the outside world into your beloved handset.

According to FACT magazine, the app “contains a hand-picked selection of some of Watson’s most beloved recordings, as well as four sound-based games to fiddle with on the bus. One game is a navigation challenge where you have to follow the direction of certain sounds, one uses the north-south auditory axis, one is a selection of sounds for insomniacs (this already sounds bloody essential) and the last game only unlocks when you happen to travel at the velocity of a diving peregrine falcon, which is 300km per hour, if you were wondering.”

Nimbus is released on September 10th.