Caught by the River

Chris Watson and the Fen Raft Spider

Chris Watson | 11th July 2016

image_update_f7355575cec389c7_1349200385_9j-4aaqsk Photo: Broads Authority

This Wednesday 13 July, a programme focused on the fen raft spider airs on BBC Radio 4 at 9pm.

Accompanied by arachnologist Helen Smith, Chris Watson has attempted to record the courtship behaviour of this declining species of spider, as well as – with the use of hydrophones – the soundscape of the fenland ditches they inhabit: an extraordinary world in which diving beetles, backswimmers and water boatman communicate to one another below the water surface. Further programme information is available here.

This comes as the last in a fascinating series – previous episodes of which have focused on Sami yoik, peregrine falcons and the rainforest canopy, and are available to listen to on demand here.


Chris will present a sound piece on our stage at this year’s Good Life Experience, which takes place 16-18 September. More info/tickets.

Chris Watson on Caught by the River